Lunch with Google and Publishers Australia

Google are wanting to partner with content providers and this lunch organised by Publisher’s Australia was booked out.

lunch with google

Have to say it was GREAT to see that Google are well, human:

  • Victoria Mackinlay (moderator) – Strategic partner manager, AdSense
  • Ann Marie Lavigne – Country manager, AdSense Aust/NZ
  • Carrol Lapsys – Partnership development, ad serving products
  • Jon Day – Leading AdWords and Analytics specialist
  • Gregory D’alesandre – Product manager for Google Wave or “Dr. Wave”
  • Joel Lohrey – Industry head local and publishing

A Google moderators page was set up so that questions could be posted in advance to the Google panel.

Google would like to partner and get into business more, but there is a disconnect with the two worlds and it will take some time to bridge it I suspect – Google as a business is very different from the crowd it was presenting to – so more events like this needed.

Some of the things I noted from Ann Marie’s Presentation

  • Online media monetisation models continue to evolve, Digital buying strategies are evolving
    • There are 1.6 billion people online
    • Mobile as 1.5 times the reach of PCs
    • 16% of time spent on the internet is on social networking sites
    • 77% regularly watch video online
    • 85% of users globally have shopped online when they can’t find what they are looking for, of those 50% turn to search
  • Driving traffic – get your site indexed in google news
  • Retain users – provide great content, create a community eg Google friend connect
  • Provide a great experience
  • Measure and iterate – use google analytics, eg Problogger redesigned his site based on this

Not only did the Google guys present, they hung around afterwards for ages to talk with whoever wanted to ask them questions.  Very impressive.

What did I learn? Google don’t have a social media policy – their employees can be on any social media sites they choose and use them in whatever manner they see fit. How about that? Think of all the secrets worth billions that could get out but don’t.  A great example of trusting your employees.

Tweets from some of the guys at the lunch

@acatinatree Cathy McGinn

  • Resolving conflict between on and offline publication: breaking news online, offline = paper of record. Judge each story’s merit/fit ad hoc.
  • Cool! A new (to me) Google tool: moderator- being used to submit Qs at Publishers Australia /Google lunch
  • The editor of Cosmos Mag-70% new content, 30% repurposed. Tracking RTs with Tweetreach. This is rocket surgery to much of audience.
  • It’s the attack of the 20 foot @problogger – effective use of Google Analytics case study at Publishers Aus
  • Lavigne -Google /Publisher’s Lunch “Oversupply of content relative to demand.” Google drives 4b clicks per month to news publisher sites.
  • PublishersAustralia- Lunch with Google (@ waters edge w/ @iggypintado)


  • Funny to watch @dreamingspires frustrated that she can’t tweet on her Nokia phone at Publishers Aust lunch

Even more frustrating that I couldn’t respond!