Visiting Google and Novell Pulse

Yesterday I attended a Google Wave user group workshop at Google in Sydney, except I nearly missed it because I wanted to hang out on the rubber tyre they had in reception.

Google reception

Have to say it’s a very inviting fun place to visit – bean bags, comfy chairs – a general Google playground for employees.

The workshop had some good examples of uses of wave in business, it’s clearly still a beta tool, lots of things to change and tweek but what was also clear was that the Google wave team were listening and working hard to respond to users wishes (even Stephanie and Lars popped in to listen to how the wave was being used.

Pamela Fox sharing her Google Wave wisdom #gwsug on Twitpic
Nancy Georges did a great job taking pictures which you can see here, this one of Pamela Fox teaching us how to use wave and you can follow the stream of what was talked about on twitter under #gwsug. You can also look at the workshop wave although to be honest by the time we’d finished with it the wave was a bit of a mess.

One thing they Pamela did mention was Novell Pulse which as Arin Basu says

Looks like Buzz with linkage to Google Wave

or maybe it’s the other way it’s like Wave with a bit of Buzz depending on which camp you’re in