How to Create a Google Profile

Whether or not you are using Google Buzz, having a Google profile is a place where people can read a bit about you and find the different sites you’re on.

What you don’t want is this:

Buzz no public profile

which is no good to man nor beast if you do want to set up a Google profile because no link is provided.

This is a small snapshot of what a Google Profile looks like (there’s lots more info available):

Google profile Heidi Allen

To create a Google Profile

1. Go to Google Profiles

2. Click on ‘Create my profile’ and log in using your gmail address and password

create Google profile

3. Fill in the boxes and upload a picture (don’t forget to add your superpower)

Create your Google Profile

4. Add your links (twitter, facebook etc).  If you are unsure, Google will also scour the web for you and see if it can find anything that resembles your profile on other sites and ask if you want to add them, although that may take it some time.

5. Customise your url

6. Voila – you’re done! And you can change your details anytime.