How do I use feedly and what is feedly

Here is my practical video demonstration on how to use feedly and why. feedly is a RSS reader and from a research point of view it’s essential. It is a tool that is useful for

  • staying current
  • sharing with your network
  • bookmarking research
  • keeping in touch with what other experts are doing…

all in one place. Here’s how to do it:

Feedly is based on Google Reader, which means you will need a Google account (ie have a gmail address) to log in. If you are researching and wanting to keep up to date easily, an RSS reader like feedly is essential. Download it here.


Feedly have just featured this video on their blog building feedly along with some changes they may make as a result.

What they also have are some very helpful tips about how to use feedly for Google chrome which I am about to implement myself. Thanks guys!