Google Wave – a 7 minute overview

Some of you may be aware of the new Google Wave, it’s one of Google’s new initiatives and I call it a ‘3D conversation’.  It’s had a mixed reception but I think it will be here to stay.  Currently it’s being tested by around 100,000 users, Sydneysider Frances Jones does a great overview as a newbie non-techie.

For me, as I’m beginning to tentatively play with Google Wave (thanks Vijay for my invite) I think it will amalgamate all those different social media and communication tools (eg facebook, twitter, email) into one place.  It’s a bit awkward, fiddly, I’m missing my friends to play with on there but that’s why Google have released it for testing so that non-techie people can give it a go and let them know what works and what doesn’t.  I’m still at lesson one: how to find people and talk to them.  Lots of explanations out there, but read Frances’ post and here are the Google guys — a big improvement on their over an hour conference presentation when it was first released.