How to set up a Posterous account

I spent some time with Karen Vegar setting up her new site.  It took us 30mins to set up her blog Ultimate Vodka. This was the result, and it already had 56 views within half an hour.

Ultimate Vodka

Go to Posterous – the register page which gives you the button to sign up:

  • Chose a name for your new blog
  • Put in your email address and password and sign up
    then go to your email and confirm your email address


Spend 10 minutes editing your profile — a couple of sentences about you and upload a photo (use the browse button to upload an image from your computer, not too big if you want it to load)

To post a blog:

  • Go to your email
  • compose an email
  • send to
  • what you put in the subject line becomes your blog header
  • the text in your email becomes the main text of your blog
  • to add a picture to your blog post, simply attach it to your email
  • press send

posterous will post for you and email you with the link to your new post.