Update on CleanRev Publishing Experiment

Where we are to date? As a recap Allen&Unwin wanted to use Social Media to promote one of their books, The Clean Industrial Revolution by Ben McNeil.

In the space of a few weeks

Several people expressed an interest in blogging about the book in return for signed copies. JayGee is the first with an excellent review of the book. Other blogs have also picked up the book separately: The Chris Saliba Web Experience along with online bookshops BookOffers Shearers Sustainable Insight, a ‘green’ bookstore.

In other words we joined an online conversation and began to increase the profile and visibility of the book. There is nothing new here.  We all advertise on different sites, what is new is the conversation that can be generated online with new people.

Next steps:

We’ve spread the word about a new book but what is missing?  What happened over the last few weeks started from absolute zero. The next steps would be for the Publishers, Allen&Unwin, to set up their own social media sites and run the campaign, using social media not just for one book but for several.  This type of campaign works better for a list than individual books and is more time effective, because social networks need to be built over many months, step by step. I watch some people approach Social Media as a quick win but it takes time and effort to build up a proper network and maintain it.

Allen&Unwin also need their own a social media spokesperson and to develop a guide for their Authors to show them how best to use online networks.  Authors like Ben McNeil want to promote their book  and set up facebook pages, as well as using Twitter and LinkedIn but often don’t know how to.  The most effective way is to work with the Publisher so both benefit from each others networks and when the next new book is published there are 1000’s of people who have Opted Into their social network waiting to hear about it. Publishers and Author’s working together in this way brings benefit to the book and also to the readers as they give feedback and themselves spread the word.