For Authors Who Want to Self-Publish

Lulu has partnered with Intrepid Media to provide a one-stop-shop for authors who want to self publish.  To put this in context Lulu has over 1.1 million recently published titles, more than 8,000 new titles added each week and 2 million site visitors each month.

Intrepid Media is a site for writers of very description to discuss and critique each others work (think editorial process provided by Publishers in other words).

What was missing in many of the self-publishing models were ways for the authors to promote their work once published, unless they were on a teaching circuit, or the media picked up the book and talked about it.
Now authors who want to self publish get feedback on their work while writing, their book is published in print and electronic form, promoted via social networks, and sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble amongst others.  There are no up-front-costs.

How is this different from traditional publishing houses? First your book gets published.  Many books don’t see the light of day because to submit your book idea in the first place is no small task (think find an Agent, get to the right Publisher, proposals reviews, changes to your content to fit in with other books on their list) – in other words months before you can even go ahead even if the book is accepted.

Editorial and creative control remains with the author, along with the copyright and ability to chose the price.  The book is not handed over to become part of a Publisher’s book list, there are no tortuous submission protocols, deadlines to keep to, no royalty negotiations, and no contracts with penalty clauses if you don’t deliver.  Instead authors pay a 20% if the book is bought (and nothing if it is not), straight forward, simple. What Lulu and Intrepid Media provide is the ‘how to’ without taking any ownership away from the author.

Lulu’s publishing steps


A clever author can also market his book to a wide international audience using social media without expending too much time or energy.  Iggy Pintado’s bookConnection Generation’ – self published, was promoted with a nice ‘personliased’ email to his LinkedIn connections (over 7000) – I was one, I didn’t mind as I’d opted into his network and was interested to see what he was doing.  Iggy’s Facebook page has 1000 friends,  twitter nearly 5,000 followers and…. you get the picture.

Why pay a publishing house (by way of giving up a significant part of your royalties) to use more traditional (I want to write tired) ways of promoting your book. Follow that up with being able to upload your book on Amazon’s Kindle and really, who does need Publishers any more?