Three Steps To Creating New Ideas – Joining The Conversation

You’re online in the sense of using email, you might have dabbled in putting your CV on LinkedIn and played with Facebook, but how to join the conversation online?  How to connect into the matix?


This is The Influence of Landscape by Advanced Human Technology described by Gavin Heaton in his post on The Landscape of Influence. It’s a great alternative to the Visual Guide to Twitter


But how to find the time to connect and where do you start?  I have been using  three steps when thinking about using Social Media to create new ideas.

1.  Setting up


Setting up your profile gives you a unique online identifier – a web presence that’s uniquely yours when people look you up to find what you’re about.

2.  Joining the Conversation


Social networking sites often have a ‘bio’ section, and the links to a GoogleProfile, LinkedIn or Naymz is a good way to show people who you are if you don’t have a blog or website.

3.  Creating new ideas from conversations


It is the same as it has always been in the history of human interaction, new ideas often come from conversations that are now also online and global. Good ideas are infectious and I hope this one from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney catches on.