Six Projects Changing Publishing For The Better – Michael Tamblyn

Michael Tamblyn, CEO of BookNet Canada, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to innovation in the Canadian book industry describes 6 initiatives that could make things better for publishers and those with an interest in the future of the book.  A humorous and insightful presentation, including the impact of the likes of Kindle to the Plastic Logic Reader.

Phrases that stood out for me:

  • Many people stay in publishing having developed a high degree of skill but with specialization can come resistance to change
  • We need creative technologists to build things
  • A creative idea can often be met with: “We’re really excited about your new idea, all we need is:
    a full specification
    a fully developed test plan
    a testing model
    and if you’re not sucessful you’re fired”
  • When was the last time you saw (beta) on a publishers website
  • Encourage experimentation
  • Let generalists in – bring people from different backgrounds
  • Place a lot of little bets and place them quickly