SXSW – Publishers Nothing To Say

Medialoper published an excellent article written by Kirk Biglione “Traditional Publishers Crash (and Burn at) SXSW”

It has made me so cross I have changed my blog theme to Red for the duration until I simmer down. Kirk is right in everything he writes – what a wasted opportunity.

To the panel: Well done for displaying your profound love of books. Right. We love books. Yes we’ve got that. We all do. Even those of us who don’t love books. Now what? There is so much to talk about, so many new things going on and you had a roomful of people who were there and had something to say — maybe because of the very fact they do love books. Must this industry persist in bemoaning its state and navel gazing.

Here’s how the session was advertised

It’s about how participatory culture and the online world interact with good olde book publishing…. Audience members are invited to speak up about what they think book publishers could/should be doing to better provide relevant information and content to blogs, websites, and online communities. Come tell old media what you want and how you want it.

Thankfully there were people on twitter covering the sessions — a phrase which I presume came from the panel kept reoccurring in the twitter stream “Publishing has never been in my lifetime in such a powerless state as it is now.”

Rubbish. There is so much opportunity at the moment we’re swimming in it.

Yes, I agree. Completely unfair of me to judge. I wasn’t there. Still doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m Cross.

Please can I have an invite to the panel next time.

Postscript 20th March: check out Linda Moore’s post “New Think For Old Publishing” on this subject

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