Strategic Presentations – Back To The Drawing Board

In considering strategies and moves to social learning for want of a better way of saying it, I have become evangelistic in my presentations… “look at what you can learn, see, do, post, share, here, there…”

and then I slow down and hope I can take my audience with me, that they will get to touch the fluidly defined online space I can See. That I’m Part Of.

Enthused, after my second presentation on where we can take learning and content –the response…:

“some of your plans are quite developed” (why thank you)

“some are highly speculative — social networking delivery” (“Not So” I politely rage). This tells me the messenger (me) is not being clear in her message.

The conversation descends into one revolving around online content: what to create, how, writing style, text design, end of chapter questions v testing… which misses the point completely.

Back to the drawing board, and Twitter.

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