This Blog Is Nowhere Near Ready To Launch

It’s not. I’ve spent weeks agonising over what to blog about, what the focus is, and have managed to so thoroughly tie myself up in knots that nothing has been written.
So I’ve decided. I’m blogging about what I’m learning and how to get there. This way no-one expects pearls of wisdom to leap from the pages, or rather I don’t expect that of myself.
I work in publishing, educational and health publishing and this is my personal blog about what I’m learning.
First step – wordpress blog. Well, I’ve started herewith. Next Pictures, I need more pictures, and things down the side, and a banner picture, and a proper blog title….
Thanks to all who have helped so far (don’t go anywhere):
@sandnsurf am getting there… @marksmithers – online helpdesk @neerav – costing a fortune in pizzas and @BitetheDust for saying the blog title was pants (what was wrong with Dreamingspires on Line?)

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