Live Tweeting From Conferences

I made a first foray into this venture recently and hope to do more at the Educause Conference in Perth in May. Twitter friends gave excellent feedback and advice:


Livetweeting is *incredibly* useful for those of us who can’t attend, especially the international conferences. I do a few things when I arrive and set up:

  • Park in the front. Near an outlet.
  • Hit the ‘mute’ button or turn off all volume on my computer.
  • Try to sit at the end of a row. If someone sits next to me I mention I’ll be typing throughout the session. If the session isn’t packed, I put some things on the chair next to me.
  • Remind Twitter followers that today I’ll be livetweeting, and if they don’t want to get slammed by that tsunami, they’re welcome to unfollow for the duration of the conference.
  • If there’s a particularly juicy question, I try to involve tweets – what do you guys think? Anyone have questions they want me to ask at the end of this session?
  • Let tweets know when I’m leaving and how they can contact me until the next day’s sessions (email, etc).
  • Give myself some time to discharge after the day’s sessions are done….it’s pretty intense!
  • Augment tweeting with longer quotes (I use microrecorder, or notebook, or even “Jott to self” feature via on mobile) if I think there’s a larger issue I want to address.
  • I file those longer notes in a manilla subject folder or email folder right away, and post the item to my Google calendar for followup later (do the same for contacts).


  • Coveritlive is alternative to live tweets if u want ppl who are not on Twitter to be able to easily read your Conf comments


  • Take your time, don’t feel pressure to post. Think before your hit “update”
  • If you are in the middle of a lively conversation, posting on Twitter is counterproductive, wait.
  • Tell other conference attendees you are tweeting, they will be more engaged and provide feedback.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the conference and your live tweeting from it. Otherwise, it’s worthless
  • Ask your Twitter followers what they think of your updates & what they want to know from the conference
  • I live tweeted from NEJM, ACAAI and multiple lectures. Enjoyed it every time and my colleagues were fascinated & encouraging
  • Live tweeting can be ‘non-live’ in evening too = better quality
  • Summarize all of your live tweets from the conference in a blog post. Helpful for later reference.

And this is exactly what I have done.