Finding An Identity

Publishing companies are going through a period of existential angst. Well, those that are paying attention are.

The future of e-publishing – that is the title of my presentation to the powers that be on Monday. It’s vague enough to cover a multitude of sins, and in it is a slide on Competition. I list the usual suspects for Healthcare Publishing here – WileyBlackwell, Pearson, ThomsonReuters… except I don’t believe they are the serious competition — we are all in the same boat. It’s the brainwaves other companies that I am looking at, those who facilitate social learning.

Look at Flatbooks and their video, publishing content directly for undergraduate students

“Our solution to crazy expensive – Free books, online, anywhere, anytime.”

Existential angst seems to have communicated itself through the ranks. In the meantime there is a strategy to finish and a sense of identity to be found.

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