Enough Social Networking – Come Back To Us

I was told by a close publishing friend, Mel, who lives on the other side of the planet, that she no longer knows how to contact me: “I don’t know whether to tweet, fb or email u! Have to look everywhere to keep up with your news!”

Another close publishing and educator friend, Steven, is confused by what all those Twitter things mean also making it difficult for him to stay in touch ‘@, DM, RT, Twitterfox’ – what is that?!

Their Twitter exchange is below as they fear they may be loosing me to the clutches of Social Media:

Steven (@Scotan) to me (@dreamingspires):

@dreamingspires: is too much of life as it used to be lost in the internet? Or is that the response of someone who is not keeping up?

@dreamingspires: am getting a sense of that, you’ve really embraced new avenues, but peer group experience here is v different

@dreamingspires: maybe i’m just too old … some things are meant for younger people

and from @melb001 to @scottan: H certainly has got the twitters real bad, sweet she’s helping us to learn . . .

Perplexed and confused, friends look at the pixilated cloud of web2.0ness and wonder where I have gone. It is ironic that by diving into the social networking scene it becomes more difficult to stay in contact with friends. Yet if we can understand how to use Facebook and LinkedIn, the demographic of which is younger than my peer group*, then maybe we can get our heads around how to use Social Media further (remember how new it was when first signing up to Facebook or LinkedIn?).

As an experiment I added my Twitter stream/updates onto my Facebook site and was promptly asked what on earth I was talking about and would I please switch it off – the more steady status updates being their preferred method of conversation. That’s OK. I can have a conversation over a period of days as opposed to Twitter hours as well. I am realizing it’s all about who your network is and how they want to converse.

The key is taking one step at a time. My current learning curve is how to put into action what I am learning, including writing things down here. Next step – WordPress. I am grateful to my friends who, despite their protestations, are ahead of the game and have been using Social Media for years and it is through them I learn to communicate ideas better.

This post is thanks to @allergynotes. It is a fearsome thing to blog for public viewing.

and if you think you have read this post before — you have, it has been transferred from my Posterous site

*Over half the Facebook users are women mainly in the age range of 18-24 vs LinkedIn where over half the users are men mainly in the 24-34 age range; stats from Chris Patterson, Insocialmedia